TM Cobb

T. M. Cobb Interior Doors

Experience inspiration when you view the line-up of T.M. Cobb interior doors. Crafted with quality materials, these unique doors will refresh any space. Flat panel and molded door designs are available. T.M. Cobb has been serving the Western U.S. with quality products since 1935. Check out the different interior doors we carry.

Flat Panel Interior Wood Doors

Welcome the beauty of real wood into your abode. These are vertical grain doors, available in four classic designs. These doors are great for capturing a historical look while enjoying the comforts of modern door making. Flat panels are made with Douglas Fir.

Molded Interior Doors

A bounty of design options awaits you with molded doors. It’s a nice, affordable upgrade that defines sophistication. Crisp, clean panel lines are apparent with their patented design, which compresses wood fibers through intense heat. These doors are very durable and reliable.

MDF Interior Doors

T.M. Cobb uses the highest quality Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) to create doors in numerous styles. These doors are environmentally friendly, as no trees are harvested, so these are a great choice for eco-conscious buyers. These doors can also be fire-rated for extra security. With a smoother surface than wood, they are easy to paint, too.

Mirror Interior Doors

Perfect for the bathroom, mirror interior doors serve a purpose in addition to being a door for privacy. The are available primed or unprimed. Mirrors are on each side, back-to-back.

Pantry Interior Doors

Add some character to your pantry doors. You can even create your own expression from the glass options available. These are available primed and unprimed.

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